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Today's post has been percolating in my mind over the past several weeks, and actually if want me to be honest, months.  The opinions that will be expressed in this post are not in any way, shape, or form meant to be negative, but instead provide a perspective from one of the top wedding DJs in Charleston, and to raise awareness on this issue.  In raising awareness on this issue (or perception of this issue) to prospective clients, they will be able to make more educated decisions on how to hire to their wedding vendors for their big day in Charleston, SC.  It seems like yesterday that we were battling through the Great Recession in 2008 or 2009. It was a forgettable time as travel, tourism, business investment, and employment were all affected by this very deep recession. According to a November 2017 Post & Courier article, the Charleston Visitor's Bureau invested in advertising in other markets to paint a picture of Charleston being the beautiful city that it is and that it would be a an excellent place to have a wedding.  It was money well spent. Since those dollars were spent on the marketing of Charleston, the city has seen the accolades pile up from the likes of Conde Nast Traveler, as well as Travel & Leisure awarding Charleston the Number 1 U.S city for the 7th straight year in 2019. 

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After DJing as many Charleston weddings as I have worked over the years in this beautiful city, there are definitely the tried and true classic songs that you know. The best Charleston Wedding DJs will know when to play the right song at the right time. Unless you implement a moratorium on NO Requests, your guests are most likely going to approach the the DJ and try to request their favorite song. What are your guests listening to these days? This is something I tell my couples to try to gauge as they plan the music for their wedding. Who is going to be there? Will all your sorority sisters be there from college?  How about all your frat brothers?  What are some of the songs that are sure to get your dance floor hopping? Some of the songs you see on this post are probably no-brainers. Some of them on here are overplayed, but that's because they have garnered mass appeal at Charleston weddings over the years.  Some of them are fairly new but are most likely going to be around for many years to come. When you are planning the music for your wedding, you need to hire a wedding DJ that is going to design the perfect mix of music for your big day so that ALL your guests can get out on the dance floor.  You know your 75 year old grandmother is probably going to be there and she'd like to dance to that 60s classic "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" by Frankie Valli.  And of course, your mom and dad who dated in the 80s may want to hear something from the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack.

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We're in the midst of another busy spring wedding season here in Charleston, and as always I've fallen a little behind in my blog entries. Mackenzee & Adam are a couple I won't soon forget. They were one of the funnest clients I've had recently, and I would call them a "textbook" client. You are probably asking yourself, "Why is Mike talking about textbooks, he's a wedding DJ, not a teacher?" :) Well, I'll explain that in a few. Mackenzee & Adam originally booked me back in the spring of 2018 while living in the northern Virginia area.  By the end of the summer, they would relocate to the Charleston area for work purposes. I ended up meeting Mackenzee & Adam back in October and I could tell within a few minutes that they were really into their music. They wanted a completely different vibe and feel with the music for their Charleston wedding. The customization of a couple's wedding playlist is one of my biggest mantras and one of the big draws for couple's in securing me to be their wedding DJ.  In becoming one of the best Charleston Wedding DJs, it's been a recurring theme that  a lot of couples do not want their wedding to sound like the wedding they went to last weekend or last year.

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Since the inception of Mike Bills Entertainment, it's been my goal as one of the top wedding DJs in Charleston to help construct an amazing soundtrack and mix of music that is tailored to each wedding, private party or event with their likes and dislikes.  When you give each couple the 100% latitude and "say-so" about what they would like to hear at their Charleston wedding, something truly amazing begins to happen. People have fun, and that "fun" creates  indelible, lasting images that you and your guests will remember for a very long time.  While it's certainly my goal to make each and every wedding or event completely about the guests and the bride and groom, there are actually quite a few songs that continue to be some of the hottest and most popular requests at Charleston weddings. You'll want to read on to see some of the 40 most popular Charleston wedding music standards still on the request lists today, and what will probably be for many years to come.

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Goldbug Island is a beautiful wedding venue owned by the East Cooper Outboard Motor Club. Goldbug Island As you are travelling up Ben Sawyer Blvd toward the Ben Sawyer Bridge and Sullivan's Island, you need to slow down or you might just miss the turn off to Goldbug. Goldbug Island has a gorgeous view of the Intracoastal Waterway right near Sullivan's Island. That view of the waterway served as the backdrop to the wonderful summer wedding ceremony of Elayna & Thomas back on Saturday, July 8, 2017. Elayna & Thomas found me back in the spring, and as the weeks and months approached and I began to gather and assemble all the music for their playlist, it was very apparent they were seriously into their music.  When a couple is really into their music as much as Elayna & Thomas were, their playlist selections become the soundtrack to the biggest day of their lives.  Planning the perfect playlist is really easy. Be sure to check back over my complete blog for more ideas about wowing your guests with your very own perfect playlist.

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The 4th Of July holiday is finally here in Charleston and boy is it shaping to be a hot one, with of course your typical chance that about 4pm we'll see a thunderstorm. While I have no weddings planned for today, I have been fevertishly wrapping up preparations in the music for Elayna & Thomas coming up this Saturday evening, July 8th over at the lovely Goldbug Island. Be sure to look out on social media for updates on their special day, which will include videos and photos, as I am going to turn up the social media thing a few notches in the coming months. Whether it be real wedding playlists, DJ tips, or anything else that is important to making sure the music is perfect for your wedding day, I will be posting more helpful stuff very soon to become more engaged and interactive with my clients. In the meantime though, it's the 4th Of July and today means so much more than just fireworks, hotdogs, and watermelons. Today is the 241st birthday of our great country and while that is certainly grounds for a huge celebration, we need to be sure we thank a soldier or veteran for their services to this country and what they did to preserve the freedoms we have on days like today. On that note, I hope everyone has a very safe and relaxing Fourth Of July holiday. Fire up the grill, pop open a few cold adult beverages, light some sparklers, shoot off some Roman candles and bottle rockets and then head to your favorite town's big time display tonight. Just take a deep breath and enjoy what all it is you have. 

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In case you missed the big announcement, the great Daryl Hall & John Oates will be coming to the Lowcountry on Saturday night, September 30th at the North Charleston Coliseum. Yours truly is off that night and managed to grab some great presale seats. During their height in the early - mid 1980s, I was a fairly young kid getting into all types of different music. Having two older sisters who were glued to the television during the midnight launch of MTV in August 1981, it was difficult not to take into my adulthood some of those indelible images of early MTV. For the greater part of 1981 - 1986, you could not turn on MTV without seeing the videos of Hall & Oates, and in many case seeing them as guest VJs. Even though the music videos weould be considered "cheesy" by today's standards, the videos left indelible images on all of us and with the power of You Tube, you can still revisit these 80s classics today. Hall & Oates broke onto the radio in the mid 1970s with songs like "She's Gone" and "Sara Smile" and their soulful voices crossed over to urban radio stations. As one of the top wedding DJs in Charleston, I thought I would create a playlist of some of the most popular requests that have come up over the years on wedding playlists.

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Melissa & Brock were an incredibly beautiful couple coming to Charleston from the Midwest; across the river in Illinois near Saint Louis. We had been talking since about February when they booked me, and after my first phone conversation with Melissa, I could tell she was excited about her and Brock coming down to the Charleston area (Folly Beach) for their wedding and to start their new life together. As the months passed, I began reviewing their playlist selections and I could tell that they were a couple very much into their musical choices, and I was really looking forward to playing it all for them. The weather had been iffy in the days leading up to their wedding day on June 22. Even though it's been said many many many times that rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck to come, I'm fairly certain that nothing was going to take the smile off of Melissa's and Brock's face. One of the things that I like to think separates me from the other DJ services is my strong desire to meet a bride and groom before their wedding day. Perhaps this can be done through a Skype or Facetime early on, but for destination couples, I always try to coordinate a quick meet and greet sometime in the days leading up to their wedding day. This is especially the case with destination couples, but I believe that meeting a DJ should be one of the things you should plan on doing when you pull into town and begin setting up your schedule in the days leading up to your wedding day. From the beginning, it's something that I have always felt should be done before a wedding and to this date, I have met every single couple to date prior to their wedding.

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The temperatures are rising as we reach the last weekend of May in Charleston. While this usually means the tapering off of the busy spring wedding season in Charleston, it means a lot to the families of service members who died while defending the freedoms of this great country of ours.  Charleston, SC being the number 2 wedding destination in the country simply would not be possible without the many men and women who have died in the line of fire and battle defending this country.  While I wasn't scheduled for any weddings this weekend, I wanted to create a blog post of songs that made me of the patrioticism we should show on this day. So, while you are sitting out in your backyard or at the beach, feel free to play these songs and remember all those who have died. And let this serve as a reminder that Mike Bills Entertainment is only one of a handful companies offering 10% off for ALL active duty military. Thank you to all who have died and for those who continue to serve this great country of ours. Have a great Memorial Day. Check back later this week for installment number 4 in the destination wedding to Charleston series.  Today though, it's songs about this great country we live in, America.


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Perhaps this blog post will inspire wedding planners and coordinators all around Charleston to supply a bunch of Bic lighters for folks to hold up at their tables or even during send-off while they listen, especially after you take a look at this list of songs I am about to show you. Power ballads, which have their early roots back to the late 70s became more mainstream during the 80s and 90s. They were songs that conjured up feelings of love and loss, but for the sake of this blog post and since wedding receptions are meant to be positive, we shall look at this list of songs that make us go "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" and think about love. Don't think these songs are too out of the norm to be played at your wedding. As one of the top wedding DJs in Charleston, I can tell you that modern brides and grooms are still crazy about their 80s and 90s music. Allow this list to serve as a trigger of more ideas for songs you might want to hear. Remember, more and more brides and grooms are looking for their weddings to sound different from all the others they have been to in recent years.

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DJ Mike delivered well organized and orchestrated results that made for a great wedding and reception! Couldn't have picked a better DJ to cover our event and truly appreciated his availability to pick up the job and execute in such a short time period. I highly recommend his services, overall great quality.

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Before choosing Mike Bills as our wedding DJ, we looked at several companies and DJs and looked over the reviews for all of them. We chose Mike Bills because of the overwhelmingly great reviews he got and I am so glad we did! They were all spot on! Mike was great to work with, quick to respond, came to our rehearsal to do a run through with us.

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Mike was kind, courteous, professional, and creative! We thoroughly enjoyed working with him for our destination wedding at Folly Beach. We gave Mike minimal guidance and he caught on to our "style" quickly and efficiently. Our guests are still raving about the music selections, and how they were a great balance of new tracks and standards for everyone to enjoy.

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