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Top 15 Overlooked But Fun Songs For Your Charleston Wedding

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Don't laugh :) Just because Milli Vanilli doesn't show up on your average Top 200 Most Requested Wedding song lists, doesn't mean you can't throw a little on your wedding playlist to make it sound a little less cliche Don't laugh :) Just because Milli Vanilli doesn't show up on your average Top 200 Most Requested Wedding song lists, doesn't mean you can't throw a little on your wedding playlist to make it sound a little less cliche Michael Putland / Getty Images

Brides and grooms simply do not want the music for their Charleston wedding receptions to sound "cliche".  After my last blog post about 10 Cheesy and "Cliche" songs you may consider leaving off your playlist, I began to think about and research other music.  I began to thank about how brides and grooms tend to let their wedding receptions revolve around Top 200 Most Requested Song lists. You know what? I am guilty as well. This is why I decided to take a bit of initiative on the matter and potentially "dust off" some often overlooked, but fun songs.  It's hard to believe that with all the music that's been created, we've narrowed what is to be played at your wedding down to TWO HUNDRED songs.  This is definitely not a stab at these lists as they have provided a great reference over the years for many brides and grooms, and to honest, I find myself looking at the list every now and then.  Despite having this list on hand, many of my brides and grooms have strayed away from it and really customizing the music for their reception so it's their own and one of a kind.  How did the list of the Top 200 Most Requested songs actually get created in the first place?

Actually, it's been professional wedding DJs who have contributed to lists like this based on requests and feedback from hundreds of thousands of weddings all over the country. As a professional wedding and event DJ who is all about the music, I was thinking maybe it is time to begin researching  more music that might be fun to add into wedding playlists all around Charleston.  These songs probably don't appear on any of the most requested Top 200 wedding song playlists, but in my humble opinion, they are fun and nostalgic. Perhaps this blog post can be a reminder that there are more fun songs out there besides what you see on these lists. So, here begins the spotlight on often overlooked, but fun songs.

1. "Hard To Handle" | Black Crowes

Originally written by Otis Redding in the late 1960s, perhaps the best cover was by the Black Crowes in 1990 off their album "Shake Your Money Maker". I've played this song before and it gets people out on the dance floor. There is also a remix that features a horns section too.

2. "Black Or White" | Michael Jackson
Sometimes we can get fixated on certain MJ songs. He did do more than "Billie Jean" or "Wanna Be Startin' Something".  Dangerous, in my opinion was his last great album and features this song, as well as many others. 

3. "Da Dip" | Freak Nasty
More mid 90s hip-hip at it's finest and the single for this song got went platinum in 1997. Imagine that, a platinum selling hip-hop song not getting on Top 200 wedding requests playlists! You can put a stop that by putting it on your own playlist. I actually played this at a wedding back in July, and what a big hit it was.

4. "Jump" | Kris Kross
"Jump" drops in February 1992 and goes on to sell over 2 millon copies. We tend to forget about songs when they don't show up on major wedding website playlists. It's ok though, if you'd like to "Jump", you can add this and maybe remove "Jump Around", which came out the same year, or hey, play them both for "extra jumping". :)

5. "Intergalactic" | The Beastie Boys
The Beastie Boys as a general rule of thumb tend to get left off a lot of Charleston wedding playlists.  If you don't like this song, perhaps "You Gotta Right For Your Right To Party' would be a better option.

6. "I Wanna Sex You Up" | Color Me Badd
From the soundtrack of the movie "New Jack City", this song was all over the radio in the early summer of 1991.  If this one doesn't tickle your fancy, maybe a slow jam like "I Adore Mi Amor" would be good for you toward the end of the evening.

7. (You Got It) "The Right Stuff" | New Kids On The Block
They are on tour in 2017, close to 29 years after the release of this 80s boy band classic. It's a fun and catchy song that you might consider adding to the 80s category on your wedding playlist.

8. "Girl You Know It's True" | Milli Vanilli
Don't let the fact they were marginalized by critics because of the whole lip sync scandal. They released a string of danceable pop tunes from 1988 - 1990. "Baby Don't Forget My Number" is another catchy fun track by this duo.

9. "The Sign" | Ace Of Base
One of those nostalgic 90s tunes I've talked about before.  It actually is a song that has filled the floor plenty of times previously. It might be one you put into the 90s category of your wedding playlist. Take a listen below.

10. "Vogue" | Madonna
Really? No one seems to want to strike a pose at Charleston weddings? I have played this before, but not as much as 80s Madonna. Even though she was still very popluar into the 90s, her 80s work still rocks it more at weddings.

11. "Unbelievable" | EMF
1991 was a pretty amazing year in music. I'm going to have to do a spotlight blog on 1991 "Behind The Music". EMF was igniting clubs in the summer of 1991 and this track has been mixed very nicely, so there are many different versions to throw at you and your guests over at the Historic Rice Mill.

12. "The Power" | Snap
You know you want a little "power" at your wedding reception.  WE go back to 1990 for this classic and it hit Number 1 in the clubs and Mariah Carey kept it out of the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100.  Another great 90s tracks with numerous remixes.

13. "Every Little Step" | Bobby Brown
Who could forget Bobby Brown. This was one of the biggest tracks of his mega selling 1988 album "Don't Be Cruel". Adding to this to your wedding playlist would definitely make things less "cliche". 

14. "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" | Wham
This should be put into the FUN category for sure. I remember one wedding years ago that a bride and her bridesmaids responded very well to this song. It's just a really fun song to remember the 80s and the late George Michael.

15. "Pump Up The Volume" | MARRS
It's hard to believe this track doesn't show up on the Top 200 Most Requested Songs for weddings, but you should listen to this Top Ten Hip-hop hit from 1987 and smile and then add it into your playlist. 

And you are saying there are only 15 often overlooked, but fun songs? Nope, there are plenty more, but hopefully this list jogs your memory about more less "cliche" songs to add into the playlist for your upcoming Charleston wedding. Speaking of which, if you are recently engaged and would like to sit down with a guy who is ready to rock your wedding with the music that is all about you, I invite you to click HERE to tell me some details about your upcoming special day here in Charleston.










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