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18 Power Ballads For Your Charleston Wedding. Sure. Why Not?

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When you think of a list of the greatest power ballads, it's very difficult to leave Journey off the list. They could show up numerous times on any list of the top songs. When you think of a list of the greatest power ballads, it's very difficult to leave Journey off the list. They could show up numerous times on any list of the top songs.

Perhaps this blog post will inspire wedding planners and coordinators all around Charleston to supply a bunch of Bic lighters for folks to hold up at their tables or even during send-off while they listen, especially after you take a look at this list of songs I am about to show you. Power ballads, which have their early roots back to the late 70s became more mainstream during the 80s and 90s. They were songs that conjured up feelings of love and loss, but for the sake of this blog post and since wedding receptions are meant to be positive, we shall look at this list of songs that make us go "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" and think about love. Don't think these songs are too out of the norm to be played at your wedding. Allow this list to serve as a trigger of more ideas for songs you might want to hear. Remember, more and more brides and grooms are looking for their weddings to sound different from all the others they have been to in recent years.

1. "More Than Words" | Extreme
This early 90s ballad was said to have ruined the hard-rocking career of Extreme and make them look less "hard rock", but don't let that discourage you from adding this gem to your wedding playlist.


2. "I Don't Want To Live Without You" | Foreigner
From their hard-rocking 70s to their softer 80s hits like this, Foreigner may have gotten softer, but they captured so many hearts with other songs like "I Wanna Know What Love Is" and "Waiting For A Girl Like You"


3. "More Than Words Can Say" | Alias
 Formed by ex-Heart members Steve Fossen, Roger Fisher, and drummer Mike Derossier, Alias also included members of the band Sheriff. The song reached #1 in Canada as well as #2 in America. Just add it onto your wedding playlist 
 and exhale "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh".


4. "The Flame" | Cheap Trick
A beautiful track fro the summer of 1988, Cheap Trick knocked it out of the park with this one. An incredibly romantic song that is sure to wow your guests at your wedding over at the Daniel Island Club.


5. "Amanda" | Boston
Your name doesn't have to be amanda to appreciate this song, although I think all beautiful brides in Charleston should think adding this gem from 1986 to their wedding playlist.


6. "I'll Be There For You" | Bon Jovi
Come on. The title of this song says it all. After all, you are getting married and will be spending the rest of your lives together. What a great song as you promise to be there for each other forever.


7. "Heaven" | Warrant
Reaching #2 on the charts in America, this is not the first power ballad with "Heaven" in the title to tug at our heart strings. Come on, just add it into your playlist over at your wedding reception down at the Dewberry in downtown Charleston.


8. "When I See You Smile" | Bad English
For those of you who may not know, Bad English was a super group formed in the late 80s by John Waite, and members of Journey (Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain). A beautiful power ballad indeed and one you might add to your playlist. 
After all, it's your wedding day and everyone would like to see that beautiful smile of yours.


9. "Is This Love" | Whitesnake
Of course "it's love".  It's your wedding day. David Coverdale and Whitesnake. Need I say anymore? Add it to the 80s category of your wedding playlist over at Harborside East in Mt Pleasant.


10. "Open Arms" | Journey
Journey just got inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame for songs like this. The unmistakable voice and vocal range of Steve Perry probably was the soundtrack for lots of proposals. Come on, add this one to your playlist, because I
am sure a few songs later you'll be singing along to Don't Stop Believin.


11. "Sister Christian" | Night Ranger
An awesome song to add to your playlist to reminisce about those innocent 80s high school memories and moments. Just watch the video and you'll know exactly what I am talking about.


12. "Never Tear Us Apart" | INXS
Another great 80s power ballad to add into your playlist. Remember that connection that you and your fiance had when you first met and got you to this point? This is a great song to describe that connection between the two of you. Add it into your 


13. "I'll Stand By You" | Pretenders
Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders wrote a masterpiece here. Another one of those songs that fit perfectly like a glove on your wedding playlist. You are deeply in love with your fiance and you are going to always stand by each other.


14. "To Be With You" | Mr. Big
You know there are some songs that have come over the years that may come across as cheesy, but in the same sentence can be romantic. I think that applies to this song. It's a feel good song.


15. "Love Of My Life" | Queen
An intense song indeed. You'll never get a complaint from me adding one of the greatest rock vocalists ever to your wedding playlist. While you are at, you might also put "You're My Best Friend" in the mix.


16. 'Silent Lucidity" | Queensryche
Who knew a song about "dreaming" would show up in a list of power ballads? But hey, this mammoth hit from 1990 fits and you know you want to add it into your playlist.


17. "Carrie" | Europe
Just like I mentioned above with "Amanda", you don't need to be a beautiful bride named "Carrie" to add this into your playlist.  There was something about the 80s that caused the hairbands to spotlight one pretty girls name, and this
is no exception.  I have actually seen couples use "The Final Countdown" by Europe as a send-off song. Just another idea for ya.


18. "Alone" | Heart
Are you kidding me? Oh my God. You put this song on your playlist and the crowd will certainly go nuts. The voice of Ann Wilson is incredible. Hearing this song might speed up your wedding reception, especially with the lyrics "How do
 I get you alone?"

  Power Ballads For your charleston wedding

   And there you have it, this is just a list to get the juices flowing in regards to the creation of your wedding playlist. There are plenty of power ballads that I did not list on this blog post. Please do not be scared to be "different" when playing the music
   for your wedding reception. Throw a few of these songs into the mix. Are you enjoying this blog? Did you just recently get engaged and are in the hunt for the perfect DJ for your Charleston wedding? Click HERE to schedule a consultation with me. I'd
   love to go grab a coffee with you and I would love to DJ your wedding ceremony and reception.



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