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12 Songs By Boy Bands That Add Fun To Your Wedding Playlist

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New Kids On The Block is one of those boy bands that can add just a bit of fun to your wedding New Kids On The Block is one of those boy bands that can add just a bit of fun to your wedding

Love them or hate them, all of us (including myself) may look at boy bands as a guilty pleasure, but they are popping up more and more on Charleston wedding playlists in recent years. Perhaps they are being added for nostalgia purposes or maybe some of them are just plain catchy and nice pop songs. I'm certainly not afraid to admit it, but while I was in high school in the late 80s and early 90s, I did not mind hearing New Kids On The Block blaring out of the crackling speakers in my old hatchback car or old Chevy pickup. Putting a few of these on your wedding playlist is sure to liven it up and mix things up, and add some fun to your wedding reception in Charleston, whether it's being held over at the Seabrook Island Club, downtown at the Historic Rice Mill, or ove rin Mt Pleasant at Harborside East.

 1. "You Got It" (The Right Stuff) | New Kids On The Block
This song dropped in November 1988 (while I was a freshman in high school), and during that time it was mass hysteria with all the girls and these guys. Wow. All the girls I knew had big  time crushes on all the members of the band and they all wore all sorts of schwag, mainly these pins with each member of the bands face on it. New Kids On The Block sure made for a potent mix of hormones and great pop tunes at my high school for sure.

2. "MMMBop" | Hanson
This is a track that is definitely seeing more and more wedding playlist rotations as we are in a period of nostalgia currently with 90s music. Another one of these catchy great songs where if you lived int when it was released, you might want to add into your wedding playlist for a little more fun.

3. "Everybody" (Backstreet's Back) | Backstreet Boys
Absolutely a song that shows up on many of my wedding playlists designed to get the dance floor packed. It is VERY hard to believe that we are approaching the 20th anniversary of it's release coming up later this year. Still, 20 years later, it still has legs and has the potential to liven up any Charleston wedding. Go ahead, jot it down right now for your preliminary wedding playlist. Don't forget ;)

4. "Bye Bye Bye" | NSync
This track goes back to the very early days of January 2000 when it was first released and played on the radio. Definitely a very fun song you can add into your wedding playlist and has been used at weddings in recent years as a final "last" song of the evening. It was the first single to break off the album "No Strings Attached" and reached all the way up to Number 4 on the Billboard charts.

5. "ABC" | Jackson 5
You might say that the Jackson 5 could have bene one of the "first" boy bands going back to 1970. Young Michael was showing just how great he was at an early age. This track actually knocked the Beatles song "Let It Be" off the top of the chart and would remain up top for 4 straight weeks.

6. "Glad You Came" | The Wanted
One of the more recent boy bands, this track debuted in the hot summer of 2011 and has been added to wedding playlists all around Charleston since then. It's legs lasted into 2012 makiing it one of the biggest and best of that year by Rolling Stone magazine.

7. "Poison" | Bell Biv Devoe
90s New Jack swing at it's finest and is always a crowd pleaser at weddings all around the Lowcountry. Bell Biv Devoe was a spin off from 80s boy band New Edition. Released in February 1990, "Poison" is a song that still gets the floor full and peaked at Number 3 on the Billboard charts in June 1990. Please, go ahead and put this on your playlist. You won't be disappointed.

8. "Cool It Now" | New Edition
Speaking of New Edition from our previous mention of the band in #7 (Poison) by Bell Div Devoe, they were all over the charts in the early - mid 80s with sugary, yet danceable tracks. Songs like Mr. Telephone Man and Candy Girl, as well as "Cool It Now" were being cranked up in boom boxes in 1984.

9. "Motown Philly" | Boys II Men
If you were anywhere near a club in the early 90s, you were dancing to this track. They seemed to have mellowed a bit later in their careers with songs like "End Of The Roads", as well as "One Sweet Day" when they teamed up with Mariah Carey.  Add this song in your playlist for a little more 90s nostalgia.

10. "I Swear" | All 4 One
A lighter track from a boy band in the early 90s. Perfect for a slow dance at the end of the night. Originally written  by country singer John Michael Montgomery, it's a great cover released in 1994.

11. "I Want It That Way" | Backstreet Boys
Another Backstreet Boys song on this list of boy band songs for your wedding? Why not? This track is equally as strong as "Everybody" is but perhaps it can be thrown in the mix as an "end of night" sing-a-long song? I've seen that done before and it's fun. I'll have to find the video of a past wedding of mine where the groom and his best men serenaded the bride with this song. It was a very sweet moment. Come on! Write it down on your playlist. You know you want to!

12. "Never Gonna Give You Up" | Rick Astley
Rick Astley wasn't a band per-se, but I threw him on the list cause he was a young 21 at the time of the release of this track. To be honest, this might be an excellent end of the night song as you are leaving the reception. I can't get a handle on whether or not couples hate him more or love him, but guests still respond to this track. 

Consider adding a few of these songs to your wedding playlist for a fun twist. I don't think you'll be disappointed. Are you enjoying this blog? Did you just recently get engaged and are in the search for a true professional wedding DJ for your event in Charleston? I would love to DJ your wedding. Let us meet and talk. Click HERE to fill out a contact form and let's grab a coffee.

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